Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Fourteen: Getting the Game Right and Having Your Coach Bag Too

I’ve been sitting on this entry for a few days, perplexed as to what to write about. The specific theme is “a song no one would expect you to like.” I like a wide variety of music but have very rarely considered what the general populace would or would not expect me to listen to. The whole idea of thinking about what people would be surprised to find out I listen to seems a bit self indulgent and, honestly, a bit stupid -like somehow I’m going to blow your minds with some obscure reference to some sort of song that is incongruous with my personality. Well, human beings are complex, and being a human being, I am also complex. People are attracted to specific songs for all sorts of reasons; those reasons often have no logical explanation and rarely have to do with a song’s artistic merit.

I’ve been going over various songs (lackadaisically) for a few days now and find nothing shocking or surprising about anything I listen to. I suppose that is because I know my own back stories and associations. However, there is one group that I think my predilection toward would be found surprising by people who do not know me well. In the year 2002 I was introduced to them by a very interesting/"chill" roommate. He lent me a couple 3-6 Mafia albums and in doing so, created a tried and true 3-6 Mafia fan. Outwardly, their music could be construed as ignorant gangster rap but that would just be a classification made in error (as we know ignorance begets ignorance). Maybe part of the appeal is irony? But the beats are phat, the lyrics-amazing/hilarious (purposely? I believe so), and 3-6 subscribes to a time honored tradition of southern hip-hop stylings. Maybe I should turn in my Feminist’s Club card for enjoying a song professing a bitch's getting of the game wrong. Or even turn my nose up at the insinuation that smoking all night and drinking all day should be the American way. But what would be the fun in that? And that is what 3-6 Mafia is, fun. I can’t help but like them. Is this revelation shocking? If you know me, probably not.

So here it is, a song “no one would expect me to like." Thanks be to Youtube for this fun anime mash-up.

You Got Da Game Wrong
[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Yah, she freaky, freaky deeky, didnt ya see her in a bikini
Porno movies we got plenty, and ya know they smoke them beenies
For this chick you might be feenin, for you birshes, might be dreamin
If she stuck up, I'm like whut up?I ain't got nothin but lent and pennies
Tell yo boyfriend cut the crap-and, heard he got that fire ass capp-and
Always wearin that shiny white gold, tellin everybody its platinum
Dont you groupies hate on Juicy, actin like you never knew me
I ain't the one be droppin dollars, I'm just out to get the chewin
Now she fuckin one of my niggas, pimped the trick weak on the trigga
Watchin us on BET and, chillin wit our nigga Tigger
Why they datin, I ain't hatin, got a call from Sally Payton
Now I'm gamin on this hi-zoe, took her out real latey latey
Pushin Bentleys, ridin caddy, when she see me calls me daddy
Heard she like to chief on chronic, roll it up and hit this Cali
You fuck my bitch, I fuck yo bitch, thats the way it is in showbiz
Mane fa sho that freak you dont kiss, keep that spray for smelly fishes

I need a coach bag
Bitch you got da game wrong
I need my hair done
Bitch you got da game wrong
I wanna go out tonight
Bitch you got da game wrong
Mane thats just my friend
Bitch you got da game wrong
I need my car fixed
Bitch you got da game wrong
my baby needs some shoes
Bitch you got da game wrong
I wanna go out tonight
Bitch you got da game wrong
Mane thats just my friend
Bitch you got da game wrong

[Verse 2: DJ Paul]
Bitch, drop that purse like its hot, I'm pickin it up like its not
Stayin fresh in brand new clothes, sponsored by my brand new hoes
Keepin one on every block, she fuck up bust her head with glock
When I slam cadillac do's, 17 inch vogues
On the curb, sip and serve, ask a broad "whats the word?"
Wrong answer mean as cancer when I'm on that fuckin bird
Runny nose and roastin hoes, kickin in them hotel do's
Gotta keep that paper right, up all night and hype off white
Big Bizness, Bizness Big when you talkin bout pimpin trick
Gotta keep an eye out for them bitches tryna pimp ya dig?
In the 2 thou, manne that shit done got so popular
Push a pimp like me way back like some backwards binoculars
But real pimps gon stay afloat like rubber ducks in white folks tubs
Clouds creepin up above, smoke burnin from this bud
Bitch, feel it 'fore I deal it, hoe how you gon hustle me?
Im born and bred by HCP, I'll leave your blood off in these streets! Beatch!

Let us also not forget that they are Academy Award winners. Here is the proof:

The Performance

The Speech

Lern bout it

Next up: A song that describes you

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