Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Sixteen: Loving to Hate and Hating to Love

So I unexpectedly did not have to go in to work today endowing me with tons of extra time to waste on this blog entry. Today's super fun topic? A song you used to love and now hate. I've actually been keeping this in the back of my mind for a couple days now, only to come up with nothing. About an hour ago a lightbulb appeared, telling me to look toward my computer for the answer.

So I've got a vintage e-mac from the winter of 2003 (thank you dad!) that contains all the music I used to like from that era of my life. The only problem? I can't remember the password.

So, being one of the TVless, I've been using said E-mac to watch Dvd's. A few months ago we had a falling out when she decided not to give me back my Gilmore Girls Season four disc five. So you know what I did? I shut that slut down only to find out upon restart that I no longer remembered my own login password. I am getting a bit up there in the years. So I was like "whatever, I don't need you anyway E-mac. See if I care." But today, I did need her. I needed her a lot. There was literally nothing else I needed more. Lucky for me, the internet exists. Thanks to all the nerds out there who need to break into their old computers to do/retrieve nerdy things-then write about the experience on nerd forums. Breaking into my computer was a breeze. I am pretty sure I could break into anyone's computer now.

So I get in and open up my I-tunes, expecting to find a treasure trove of songs I used to love but now hate. Seemed logical. Error upon Error. In reality so much time has elapsed that I found a treasure trove of songs I used to love-then hated-and now love again! (ex. Steve Miller Band's "Space Cowboy") Life is so crazy. I listened to Whitney Houston's "My Love is Your Love" twice. The second time I sang along with lyrics that I pulled up on the afore mentioned internet. Currently I am listening to Nelly's "Air Force Ones." Do yourself a favor and revisit Nelly, no joke. Shit's good. Then, listen to Skee-lo's "I wish." You won't regret it. So I didn't find past loved/currently hated songs hand-over-fist the way I had anticipated but I was able to find a few. Enough to work with at least.

I actually can't really choose. So today we have a tie.


In my younger years I thought going to Raves was way awesome. Actually, they were way cool. Some of my best memories are from my raving days-yes memories, my friends and I were the only ravers in the world not doing drugs or drinking. We just really liked to dance all night, and being underage, there really wasn't any other venue for such romping. One night, we drove to a rave in Duluth, Minnesota, put on our rave gear in a random rest stop (boas and all), Danced all night, then drove home (4 hours) at 6a.m. We stopped for Hardees breakfast of course. We also went to a Halloween rave at the Medina Ballroom. I was a vampire.

Anyway, liking this song was a bi-product of my raver ways.

So here it is, a song I used to love (an understatement), that I now hate. We used to listen to this on repeat and drive around Minneapolis smoking cigarettes.

Paul Okenfold's remix of Delerium's "Silence" featuring Sarah McLachlan


I used to love Staind. Now I hate them. Big surprise. So here is song number two:

So far, out of all the 30 Day Song Challenge posts I've done, this one is, hands down, the most embarrassing.

Next up: A song you often hear on the radio

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