Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 21: Oh. . . Happy Day. . .

The banality of today's topic is nauseating. A song that you listen to when you are happy (barf). Super interesting (yawn). But I've come so far in this challenge, worked so hard, reached for those stars, and what not. It would be totally lame-sauce to quit now. So I guess today we will focus on all things warm and fuzzy-rainbows, leprechauns, kittens dressed as bunnies, ice cream sundaes, jordan almonds, pastel colored marshmallows, etc. . . The topic of the day? A song that you listen to when you are happy.

The distinction here being; a song listened to when already happy, not listened to to obtain happiness. The fleeting nature of emotional "happiness" makes todays task a bit tricky. In true lady form, I tend to be a bit emotionally tumultuous naturally. However, I do find myself in a blissful state of sublimity from time to time. And when I am happy, the whole world is happy, and this is what we listen to:


3. Starship "We Built This City"

It doesn't involve too much thinking. It's super fun and pop-y. I love pretending that I had some hand in building a city on rock and roll. It seems super satisfying/gratifying to build a city on rock and roll. I don't really understand why all cities aren't built on rock and roll. If I were President I would create a mandate specifying that all new cities must be built on rock and roll (and some old stupid cities would have to be rebuilt on rock and roll as well-I'm looking at you Lincoln, Nebraska)

Bonus, timing the high notes is a fun game.

2. Nappy Roots "Aw Naw"

A delightfully enjoyable song about what life is like as a country boy. Not only does this song bring back blissful memories of my youth (I was not a "country boy" I just listened to this song. . . a lot), it is also incredibly fun to sing along with, you know, because there are so many fun singing/rapping styles. Plus, who doesn't love big fat wheels?

1. The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"

This is my all time favorite happy song. I think because it has just an ever so slight tinge of heartbreak/sorrow which creates an aesthetically pleasing dynamism. It's not cheesy. It's melodic. The Beach Boys rule. It's just a really wonderful musical composition. It's a really nice song to have stuck in your head. I recommend it.

Next Up:
A song you listen to when you're sad

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