Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Twelve: Hated It

So I have been remiss these past few weeks but I am back now. I recently started work at this place:

Which makes me miss this place:

It has been a pretty intense process that has taken way too much of my mental faculties. I have graduated from the training phase into the “hazing” phase. Anyway, there will be plenty of time in the near future to use this space as a vehicle to vent my waitressing frustrations. I just wanted to explain where my brain has been the past month. I would now like to continue my mission of blogging about the thirty day song challenge. Today is day twelve which means today’s blog will feature a song from a band I hate. There are many bands I dislike and I am a big fan of hating things. But to choose just one song from one hated band? Ugh. Decisions are the worst.

So here it goes. Although I will admit that there are U2 songs I love I am an unabashed hater of Bono (take the sunglasses off already!) and the whole motley lot of them. They are so obnoxious that even their philanthropy does not absolve them of their douchery thus garnering my unabashed hate. My dream: someone cool/awesome covers all of the U2 songs I like (creating better renditions) so I never have to actually listen to Bono ever again.

So here is one of my all time favorite songs of all time performed by a band I hate

I will admit that in this video they look pretty awesome so I have included these for some perspective:

Runners up

Metallica-whiny babies ruined music downloading/take themselves too seriously

Nickelback-horrible wretched souless music

Rush-yawn/creepy singer

Limp Bizkit-duh

Next up: A song that is a guilty pleasure

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