Wednesday, September 29, 2010

music to live by.....if you are me

While preparing for the big Jersey move one main problem I encountered was what to do with my car, Chalula. Being a perpetual procrastinator I put off the big decision until the last possible minute. Being pressed for time the final decision was to junk her. Alas, my dad offered to sell Lula for me saving me the time and mental strife of junking/selling her myself. I dropped Lula off at his home in Apple Valley Sunday night and was on my way to Jersey early the following morning. About five hours into the trip I received a call. I had left my Ipod in the Ashtray! Driving around listening to my Ipod is (was) one of my all time favorite things to do. It would have been devastating to have junked Lula and my Ipod! double loss. Anyway, I spend the last week and a half in Minnesota and, while there is a lot to be said about the trip, this post is an ode to my Ipod.

A few years ago I was a complete Ipod skeptic. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the things. Then I received two for Christmas. The said Ipod left in my beloved Lula is an old school red Nano with my name engraved on the back (thank you Mom). It absolutely changed the way I listened to music (and briefly inspired a work out period). Upon being reunited with this Ipod I was also reintroduced to music I used to find necessary for living. I am not really what they call a "music person". I like what I like and do not invest a whole lot of time to exploring new things. For this reason I was shocked at the variety of music found on my own mp3 apparatus. So here and now I raise my proverbial glass to some forgotten favorites. These are a few of the songs I never skip. Reunited and oh does it feel so good.

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