Friday, August 27, 2010

Delivery? yes please.

One of the greatest things about living in this east coast metropolis is constantly being surrounded by excellent food. Not only is the food wonderfully scrumptious but it is also super cheap. The second night in our new apartment, refrigeratorless and hungry, Kyle and I ordered Chinese food and thus began my love affair with cold noodles in hot sesame sauce. I have probably ordered this dish at least ten times in the past three week span. Only $3.50 an order and the container comes so jam-packed that I have leftovers to snack on for days.

Everyday brings new excitement, mystery and intrigue. Most mornings when I open the front door to take Jumbo on his morning excursion there is a new take-out menu. These menus are full of possibility and the promise of another delicious meal time treat. It’s like receiving a gift from Santa or some magical omnipresent foodie sprit. The anticipation of reading the menu makes the dog walk almost unbearable. Upon re-entering the apartment I eagerly read each and every option, carefully examine the wonderful stylistic nuances that went into the menu’s creation and plan a fictional meal that I hope to someday consume.

The best way to spend a Saturday night; take-out and Gilmore Girls

This place has been our favorite to order from. It's fast, delicious and cheap.

I like 33, Kyle likes 27; we always order both.

Moo Shu Veg and Bean Curd Szechuan Style have been very popular at our place.

This depiction of soda reminds me of Kyle and I. Go figure.

Lovin' the diner dude. Beer, mustard, and a sandwich. So endearing.

I love love love a good Pu Pu Plater photo!

I had a Margarita slice. It was divine. I love eating pizza while walking around. Something about the toxic city air mingling with the greasy cheese makes the pizza taste better.

Someone who eats Calamari needs to visit me so I can have a sharing companion. I cannot justify sitting down to a heaping plate of fried octopus by myself.

Quality print job.

Notice that all of these menus have free delivery! I never have to leave the apartment to experience the great culinary flavors of the Heights. How wonderfully dangerous.

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